Joon Yoo

Product designer


HI!my name is Joon Yoo and I am an aspiring product designer from the prestigious,

ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Growing up in Seoul, Korea, has had a big impact on the way I see the world—where the ideology of beauty comes through meticulous planning and thoughtfulness. Having the opportunity to study abroad in the United States gave me the once in a lifetime experience to explore the deeper side of who I am as a designer and ultimately shape the person I am today. When facing a problem, Korea is known to focus all the micro details up close. The experience I took away with studying in the States was the ability to take a step back and look at the broad scope of things. I am now able to mesh the two ideologies together which has given me a clear understanding of how I view the world through design. This has also cultivated and opened up a new side of me that I thought I was never able to achieve.


I've always had a deep appreciation for product design because it’s inspired by history and the heritage of a brand. For me to be a part of changing history is something that is unbelievably inspiring. I believe products can evolve through design refinement; as product designers, we need to redefine the purpose and role of a product to keep up with changes in user behavior and current technologies.

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