Joon Yoo

Product designer

Anna Sofa for nomadic lifestyle


Anna is a one sitter sofa providing warm welcome home. Hugging motion and snug fit provides warm sitting.

Year 2016


Type  Class project



Home is where your bed and sofa are


Coming back home, the first thing you do is plop down on a couch or bed and surf through the internet and watch shows. Modern day working professionals often don’t have a place to have their necessary relaxation time browsing Facebook, Reddit, Netflix, texting, Snapchat, Instagram  and snacking/drinking. However, their chill time is a necessary part of their lifestyle.


Sofa is a very luxury furniture for nomadic life. Most working professionals live in cities and therefore are in small apartments that don’t have room for a large sofa. They also don’t want to invest in an expensive sofa as they’re most likely to frequently be moving from city to city as they’re growing their career. These people need a relaxation station--or what millennials would call a chill station.


Rather than accepting discomfort in a small space, Ana create a comfortable chill station by utilizing the small space and prevents the person from having to look elsewhere for comfort and peace.


This is the reason why I cannot afford a sofa. I am always ready to move to next chapter of my life.



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