Joon Yoo

Product designer

A laughter capturer happy moments about you.

Pinco is a smart camera that captures the user's joyful moment


Pinco captures mundane days to memorable moments

Year 2017


Type  Class project (group with Shei Ni)

Visual diary through reviewing captured funny moments.

Contain happiness in everyday life

!   Unexpected

Self awareness


Mood boost

Capturing and sharing funny moments of oneself that are unpredictable and typically forgotten, and bringing them back to life. Clips can be shared and viewed by close friends-- reinforcing positivity and laughter in daily life.

requires :

large memory


footage of others


small memory

no editing footage

meaningful footage of one's self

Current video devices use enormous amount of memory and storage.  Editing every footage requires too much effort for the average amateur user. Dealing with hours of useless video footage turns off users and leads to a stressful user experience.


In contrast to video devices, Pinco captures the user himself rather than what the user sees. This content is more meaningful to watch.


If you think Pinco is just a camera, you are wrong. Pinco is a self-awareness tool that reflects a user’s inner spirit.

AI utilizes an face smile detection. Smile is a primitive way to distinguish the user's happiness. This way, Pinco can only capture meaningful clips instead of having meaningless hours of video.

Pinco knows when you smile

Did you find yourself smiling after watching this video?

Laugh generator

Pinco captures every laughing moments. The moments can be shared with friends or on social media. Reactions to each other’s moments can be recorded and shared again-- like a chain.

refraction lens

A.I chip and circuit board

battery component


Imagine taking a road trip and taking Pinco, all the fun moments can be remembered after the trip.

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