Joon Yoo

Product designer

Watch design for the brand "Diesel"


Inspired by the theme space to continue the brand philosophy

Year 2019


Type  Personal project

Only the brave

Diesel has been spreading their philosophy in their message; Don't care about other's thought and be true to yourself.

Picture from 10 AU from Earth


From far distance, our planet is like a pixel of a dot.

Everyone you loved

Everyone you Known

Everyone you ever heard of

Every history

Happened in that pale blue dot.


"Carl Sagan"

Idea is to continue Diesel's philosophy but introducing the theme 'space' into their new watch line.


In a universal scale, our existence is so infinitesimal, there is no point of being anything other than being true to yourself.

CMF of the watch being transparency

x-ray images of astronaut suit




Uber army

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