Joon Yoo

Product designer

Shine is a CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitoring System). Health monitoring system for Children with type-1 diabetes.


Shine provide educational easy use for children to take care of their health. Also provide realtime feedback with their caregivers.

Year 2015


Type  Class project (group with Jin Choi)

Shine is a educational CGMS(continuous glucose monitor system) for child who has type-1 diabetes. Seamless interface helps caregivers to monitor and look after young diabetic patient.


A child with type-1 diabetes is required to learn a vast amount of knowledge on diabetes to ensure a healthy life. From a young age, the child must have healthy diet and calculate the exact amount of nutrition and insulin to manage their chronic condition. If they don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle, this disease can lead to death.

Parents live without personal life. Either one of the parent cannot have job because their primary goal is child safety at any moment.


Without proper treatment, child is in danger at any moment. Education is the primary key to lead their child to be aware of their health to successfully mange themselves from diabetes for benefit both the parents and the child's well being.


Imagine 5 year olds looking at this graph. They have no idea what to expect.

Current devices only designed for adult users. Education process takes too long to understand for child to correctly know how to take care of their body.

Hi I'm Momo. I'll help your diet.

Tasks need to be done to keep healthy

need to eat



Parents can view their child's health level at any time with an app. Constant monitoring the child and allowing voice communication, parents can ensure the child's safety.


With LTE connection, child’s health information is directly sent to caregivers. Parents can monitor child’s blood sugar level instantly and guide child.


Using current technology Glucosense, measuring glucose(blood sugar level) is available to check without any needle to extraction of blood.

Painless process of checking glucose level.

PPG technology enables parents to track and monitor child’s heart rate (vital sign) to take care of their child.


Look after

Seamless connection let’s child communicate with her caregiver.


Wireless connection allows parent to monitor child’s health level at anytime to ensure she is safe.



Character uses its body language and movements to communicate instructions and health signals to the child so that she can easily understand her tasks.


Purpose of character is to help child understand and learn how to take care of her own body.


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