Joon Yoo

Product designer

Tarsa the only one footwear for RS:X windsurfing


Tarsa provides traction system to enhance speed and also protection for the athletes.

Year 2015


Type  Class project



There is currently no footwear available for RS:X windsurfing sports in the market.


98% of the athletes are barefoot - based on primary on site, secondary research

There is no protection provided for athletes. Common injuries have occurred both in training and in the sport. Even though these injuries have been commonplace for more than 30 years, most surfer's choose not to wear protective booties. The few athletes that are aware of these injuries, wear protective booties, but the current selection of footwear decreases their performance.

Currently no windsurfing shoes


Existing booties decrease performance


100% athletes have Surfer’s knot

The goal for this project was to provide protection without compromising performance.

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